Advertising & PR

  • Communication plan

When you want to introduce a new service or product, you’ll need to communicate this new information to your target audiences. You need a communication plan which is your road map for getting your message delivered to your audience. It’s an essential tool for ensuring your organization sends a clear, specific message with measurable results. Writing it down can be time-consuming but that’s why ThinkTwice is here for.

  • Public & media relations

Public Relations in its true sense is about human connections and the art of mastering human connections at a deep level. When played from a place of passion and purpose, public relations in the new world will not only take social media, branding and marketing to the next level, but will elevate the people and products that are changing the world.

  • Brand partnerships

With a brand partnership agreement, your company partners with others and uses joint marketing strategies to create multiple associated brands or a separate joined brand. With this marketing technique we enable your business to increase your marketplace visibility, share marketing costs with your partners, and possibly enter into previously untapped markets.

  • VIP endorsement

ThinkTwice provides a second set of eyes that's sure to help you build a connection between your brand and your audience. Such advertising connects with a lot more people than ordinary advertising can, because people will notice celebrities, famous personalities and role models even from a vast clutter of noise, people or products. These are your most valuable customers -- your ambassadors.

  • Press conferences

Holding an event in order to officially distribute information and answer questions from the media is a press conference. There are many reasons why companies choose to hold press conferences. Unveil a new production facility or announce the release of a new product could be few of the reasons. Whatever the case, ThinkTwice can organize it for you.

  • Event & exhibition hosting

Developing an engaged audience is achieved over time, but events are a great way to ignite your efforts. They're the perfect way to get in front of a willing, curious audience. You'll be able to give them a taste of your goods and services, culture, and brand. By the end, they should be hungry for more and ready to build a relationship, instead of execute a one-time transaction.

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